Noval Property announces the acquisition of a plot of land of total surface of 378.22 sq.m., located at the intersection of Himaras and Ymittou streets in Marousi, Greece. The plot will be merged with an existing property of Noval Property and the two adjacent plots will form one property of total surface of 10,542.51 sq.m.
On the merged land plot, Noval Property is already developing a new, modern office building integrating the principles of bioclimatic and smart design and aiming to obtain LEED certification at Gold Level. Remaining a pioneer in the development of environmentally certified buildings, the company confirms that sustainability is at the core of its strategy.
The transaction amounted to EUR 425 thousand and has been financed by Noval Property’s own funds.
Noval Property, committed to implementing its investment program, continues to dynamically develop its real estate portfolio, by investing, among other, in the development of high-quality, modern, and environmentally certified office buildings located in prime property areas, such as the wider area of Marousi, thereby developing high standard properties and creating added value for its stakeholders.

Athens, 7 September 2023

About Noval Property

Noval Property is the second largest Greek REIC. The investment property portfolio of Noval Property, which comprises 62 properties (1 through a participation in a real estate company) mostly in Greece and selectively in Bulgaria, includes office buildings, shopping centres, hospitality assets and warehouses of total built area of approx. 470.000 sq.m.. The fair value of the investment property and participations portfolio amounted to EUR 516 million as of 30.06.2023. Noval Property is a subsidiary of Viohalco in the real estate sector.

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