Noval Property participated this year, for the very first time, at the Delphi Economic Forum VII which took place from 6 to 9 April under the auspices of the President of the Hellenic Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou. At the Forum, which gathered domestic and international business and political interest, Noval Property was represented by its CEO, Panagiotis Kapetanakos, who participated on “The New Face of Athens” panel. The panel, in addition to Mr. Kapetanakos, was comprised of the following panel members: George Constantinidis, CEO of REDS, Sevi Amanatidou, Legal Advisor to the Public Property Company, Greece, Natassa Lianou and Ermis Halvatzis, Founders and Directors of LC Architects, and Dimitris Dimitriou, Member of the Steering Committee of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The purpose of the panel – which was chaired by journalist George Lampiris from and Build – was to highlight thoughts and new ideas on the city of Athens’ rejuvenation and sustainability as well as to promote discussion about investments and the development of real estate in the city.

Mr. Kapetanakos, referring to Noval Property’s emblematic building “The Orbit” on Kifissias Avenue, noted, among other things that: “ “The Orbit” represents a landmark for the city with its modern design characterized by its impressive curves, where light and greenery hold centre stage. It’s something very different in the city, a building that is very much human-centric in its design. It’s not just a workplace, but a space that holistically meets both employees’ needs and the needs of the local community. It’s a safe, accessible, familiar space for the employee, a space that is an extension of his or her home, offering shops, a gym and restaurants. As employees now spend so much time at their office, they need to have a sense of “belonging” to a community that they are active members of, a campus-like environment, and “The Orbit” meets those needs.”

Mr. Kapetanakos also referred to the development of the two buildings which will use the funds from Noval Property’s first green bond issued in December 2021: “The green bond which we issued in December shows that sustainable development has officially come to Greece. Our entire investment program based on the funds that we raised from the green bond concerns green buildings. For example, in regards to the former Kodak property in Maroussi, which we acquired with Brooklane Capital, we are promoting the development of an office complex which is environmentally friendly, human-centric, will focus on the user and be characterized by long term sustainability. Viochalco’s first factory on Piraeus Street – which is located next to the Foundation of the Hellenic World, the Greek Festival and the School of Fine Arts – will be the location for the creation of a metropolitan neighborhood of Arts and Culture consistent with the surrounding area. It will be a neighborhood that will meet all sustainability standards and will incorporate mixed uses featuring a hotel, residential homes, offices, restaurants, shops, sports facilities, etc. It’s something that in my opinion is very important because it will create a neighborhood which will be full of life 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Creating new neighborhoods for residents, employees and visitors is crucial.”

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Athens, 15 April 2022

About Noval Property

Noval Property is the second largest REIC in Greece. Noval Property’s real estate portfolio, which includes 44 properties (1 through a joint venture in a real estate company) mainly in Greece and selectively in Bulgaria, consists of office buildings, commercial premises, tourist properties and warehouses with a total built-up area of ​​approximately 453,000 sqm. The valuation of the investment properties and participations on 31.12.2021 totaled approximately 425 million Euros. Noval Property is a subsidiary of Viohalco in the real estate industry. For more information, please visit our corporate website at