Noval Property received an honorary distinction from the Athens Stock Exchange Group for the issuance of its first Green Common Bond Loan on the Stock Exchange’s Regulated Market.

This distinction seals the leading role that the company plays in real estate development and investment, while recognizing the awareness that it has displayed in regards to sustainable development, confirming its commitment to both operate and evolve in line with these principles.

This bond represents Noval Property’s second consecutive green bond issue – related to the real estate sector. It is now displayed on the Athens Stock Exchanges’ “ATHEX BONDS

GREENet” special information hub which is an information platform which makes the most important sustainable development issues available to issuers, investors and the global capital markets.

During the event which took place at the closing of the trading session on March 2, 2022, Noval Property was represented by Mr. Panagiotis Kapetanakos the CEO of the company, and Mrs. Katerina Apergi, its CFO.

At the event Mr. Kapetanakos stated: “Today’s distinction represents an important recognition for Noval Property, and rewards our strategic and investment development plan based on sustainability criteria as well as our development prospects. For us, the distinction provides a driving force to continue investing, enriching our portfolio and creating value for all of our stakeholders through new investment opportunities so that we can continue to be a reference point in our sector as a company with a strong focus on providing a sustainable future for everyone.”