252 Piraeus St., Tavros – Total area 56,740 m².

A complex of 25 industrial buildings of a total area of 48,868 m² in a 72,568 m² plot, with warehousing, office and industrial usage spaces. The buildings are mostly ground floor and 4 of them have one or two floors.
The complex is one of the few large industrial properties in the urban fabric of Athens and includes two buildings designated as Listed.

The property development plan, through the Strategic Investment procedure, envisions the transformation of the former industrial complex in a sustainable combined touristic, cultural, conference, commercial and business center, maintaining the tradition and in general aiming to create a cultural center of metropolitan scope that will reinvigorate the sensitive, but privileged location, of the Elaionas area.

The development is expected to include office, residential, hotel, cultural, technology, research and development and warehouse uses, for a total area of GLA = 56,740 m² and additional sports facilities of 3,500 m² and underground parking spaces of 22,620 m²

Credits: Fostrer + Partners