The Grid

10-12 Chimaras St. & Amarousiou Chalandriou – Total Area 16,119.28 m².

Office Campus

The development concerns the transformation of a brownfield urban area into a state-of-the-art office campus. Located in a well-established business district, the permeable property covers an entire city block.
Its visionary architectural concept revolves around two distinct volumes of buildings strategically oriented to face each other, creating a captivating internal courtyard, the vibrant heartbeat of the property’s social life. The surrounded area will be landscaped into open green spaces and parks. A rich mix of flexible workspaces and amenities are planned to meet the varying needs of occupants and visitors.
The Grid with its sustainable and future-forward design will be a perfect example of balancing the built environment and nature, paving the way for more dynamic and enriching work environments.

Anticipated Certification LEED Platinum
GBA: 61,500 sqm | 5 Levels | 3 Basements | Central Courtyard | Park
Credits: Foster + Partners