NOVAL PROPERTY REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT COMPANY (henceforth the “Company”) announces that, on January
31st, 2022, the Company proceeded to the full refinancing of the long-term Bond Loan dated 23.07.2020 between
the Company and “EUROBANK S.A.” utilizing part of the proceeds of the Green Bond Loan issued by the Company
on 06.12.2021, which is listed in the Category of Fixed Income Securities at the Regulated Market of the Athens
Stock Exchange (henceforth the “Green Bond”).

The specific loan relates to the completion of the office building «THE BUTTERFLY» in Chalandri, Athens which is
certified by LEED v4 for Core & Shell – Gold. The refinancing amounted to EUR 5.33 mil. and comprises outstanding
capital and accrued interest for the interest period expiring on 31.01.2022, pursuant to the provisions of Annex No.
5 in article 2.1 (i) of the Green Bond Programme, which is included in the Prospectus dated 24.11.2021.

The Company will inform the Athens Stock Exchange and the Hellenic Capital Market Commission on the use of the
Green Bond proceeds until their full utilisation. In addition, and more specifically, the Company is committed to
inform the investor community, the bondholders, the Hellenic Capital Market Commission and the Athens Stock
Exchange of any amendments in the use of proceeds, as well as of any additional relevant information, pursuant to
the provisions of the applicable law concerning the Capital Markets.